MacBook Reparatur Service Berlin

Drive Upgrade

Does your Macbook run too slow?

A drive upgrade is perhaps necessary, the drive is the major reason for a MacBook getting slow.

The solution to this problem is to switch to a faster SSD-drive!

Advantages of a Drive Upgrade 

The advantages of an SSD-drive are plain to see.

SSD-drive has 

    • the newest Technology
    • total compatibility
    • high resistance 


    • runs noise-free
    • produces  less heat
    • uses no moving parts
    • is very robust  

An SSD-drive works just like a Hard drive.

It does not have any moving parts such as platters or mechanical arms for write/read.

You can ,thereby, access required data faster.

Such an upgrade does not just accelerate starting the Mac OS (operating system).

Such a drive is up to 40 times faster than a normal hard drive and allows you, thereby, to work 40 times faster.

Not only that, but this type of drive is very robustand is relatively shockproof.

The drives we install are, of course, specifically adjusted for your MacBook.


Your RepMac Team is a reliable contact partner and service provider.

We expertly de-install and disassemble your MacBook as well as additionally clean the inside thoroughly.

Our experienced team will check connections, clean the fan and monitor the airflow system.

RepMac only uses high quality materials for the upgrades, the same we install in our own systems.

Once the new drive is on the premises, we’ll check that your MackBook runs problem-free. Once getting the ok ,your MacBook  will be returned for you to enjoy the intoxicating faster speed.

The repair time of your Macbook depends on whether replacement parts need to be ordered. As a rule, you can normally pick up your MacBook within a few days.

Tip: Although data protection is not absolutely necessary before a drive upgrade, it should nevertheless be implemented before interference with the system.

Please contact us if you need more comprehensive information or an individual consultation.