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MacBook Repair

Lets say you have a problem with your beloved MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or MacMini. You have spell water or some liquid  on it, with other words so cold liquid damage. In this case your warranty to Apple doesn’t apply anymore. A lot of you have already try to go to official Apple service for diagnostic and possible repair and you already know how expensive that can be yes…? NO! It doesn’t need to! In most cases in the official Apple services you will be offered a change of the damaged parts and not with the second hand ones, I mean new and definitely expensive ones. Put the cost of the service to replace them and you’ll have the price of the new model, that you can buy on the market.

This scenario doesn’t necessary need’s to be true!

Here, in our service we will take your device and it will be diagnosed for free, from some of the most skilled technicians in Berlin, to determine what exactly is the error and how potentially the cost of the repair will be.

Then we will contact you with a offer for service plus parts, that we need to change and the damaged components we need to repair. And the best part until now is that you still don’t owe us a cent.

The most expensive part of the MacBook are the Motherboard and the Screen. And because our service is generally specialized in Mainboard repair, in most of the cases, instead of replacing the entire motherboard, we will only locate the damaged components on it and replace them, saving you much of the cost needed for a complete motherboard replacement. The motherboard of the MacBook contains thousands of micro elements and chips, so there is no need to replace the whole unit, just because one or more of them is damaged!

With the screens on the other hand the things are not so simple! If there is a liquid inside the screen- it need to be replaced. It is the same if it’s broken. Most of the older model of MacBook and MacBook Pro have a glass in front of the screen, but this is not the case with MacBook Air and Retina.

For each repair we do, we provide one year limited warranty for you!