Memory Upgrades

Take more breaks from your MacBook than you like? Think about upgrading memory. Along with the hard disk, RAM is one of the most common reasons why your MacBook is slow. In particular, if you have several programs open at the same time, this can lead to severe performance limitations. If the available memory becomes too small, individual files are swapped out to the hard disk. This process slows down your Mac. A RAM upgrade will quickly solve this problem.

The benefits of memory upgrades
The clear benefits of upgrading memory at RepMac are easy to put into words. You benefit from

strong performance improvement
long-life RAM modules
1 year warranty on all installed main memories
Installation by professional technicians
Notes on upgrading your MacBook’s memory
Especially for older MacBook, MacMini and MacBook Pro models, individual components are easy to buy. However, the repair should always be carried out by a specialist. Just one wrong grip is all it takes to get your precious MacBook to the repair service, which often ends up costing more than it should have.

As a MacBook Repair Service in Berlin, the RepMac team is there to help you. We professionally upgrade your MacBook’s memory and immediately check the inside of your MacBook during this step. We clean the fans and have an expert look at the existing connections.

Of course we will be happy to support you before, during and after the repair at any time.

DIY Tip for Speed Boost
Sometimes no new memory is needed. You can also try to speed up your Mac with simple onboard tools. Before you decide to upgrade your memory and buy a new RAM device, try to muck out your data. A full hard drive brakes your MacBook twice.

If that doesn’t help, the competent RepMac team will be happy to advise you on further alternatives or a hardware upgrade. Here you will find our contact details. We look forward to hearing from you.