Memory Upgrades

Does your Macbook pause more often than you would like?

Do you ever think about a main memory uprade?

Besides the hard drive, the so-called RAM is the the main reason that your MacBook works slow.

You can encounter strong performance limitations  in particular, when you run multiple programs at the same time.

When storage is barely sufficient, some data is removed from the hard drive.

This procedure slows down your Mac.

A RAM-Uprade is the best remedy in this particular case.

Advantages of a Memory Upgrade  

The clear advantages of upgrading your memory at RepMac are easy to put into words.

You benefit from:

    • strong  performance-enhancement
    • long-life RAM chips
    • 1 year guarantee  on all installed memory
  • professional installation

Tips on Memory-Upgrade for your MacBook 

Single parts are still readily available particularly for older models of MacBook, MacMini und MacBook Pro.

However, the repair should be done by an expert. One false manipulation is enough have to bring your precious Macbook in for repair and often times with avoidable added costs

As MacBook Repair Service in Berlin, the RepMac  team is at your disposal with advice and support on premises .

We will professionally set up  your MacBook´s memory and at the same time check its inner working. We will clean the fan as well as take a expert look at the connections.

We are ,of course, at your disposal before, during and after the repair process.

DIY-Tip for Speed-Boost   

Sometimes,  a new drive is not necessary.

You can try to speed up your Mac simply with available materials.

Before you decide for a memory upgrade or buying a new RAM-chipset, try sorting through your data.

A full hard drive slows your MacBook in half.

Wouldn’t it be better/help  to be advised by our competent RepMac Team on whether to look for other alternatives or opt for an upgrade?

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