About us

You’re wondering who RepMac is? Who personifies this name? This is exactly what we want to give you in our “About us” section.

The first contact

You send us an e-mail or come directly to our shop? Then you will most likely come into contact with Abbas Ilhan first. But who is this always smiling Turkish-born nice gentleman?


Abbas Ilhan

(Head of Sales)

Parallel to his German Abitur, Abbas Ilhan completed an apprenticeship as a businessman. In the meantime and beyond, he developed a sense of proximity to the customer. With his lively nature and his joy of travelling around the world, he quickly knew what was good for him and the people around him. With his knowledge of German, Turkish and English, Abbas Ilhan shines at every opportunity


Once Abbas Ilhan has received your device, you will proceed to the operations area. Emil Nehrizov (department: hardware) and Martin Scheider (department: software) are employed here to solve your problem as quickly as possible according to our high quality standards.

Emil Nehrizov

(Department: Hardware)

Emil Nehrizov has been involved in electrical engineering for over 3 decades and has perfected his knowledge of MacBook repair. Not only with his grandiose understanding of electrical engineering he completes the hardware problem solving, but also with his experience in building companies he proved his ability.


Martin Scheider

(Department: Software)

At the age of 4 he was introduced to computer science by a 386. Since then Martin Scheider could never keep his hands off computer science and continued his education through education and training as well as in his spare time. Even as a teenager, his neighbours came to him when computer technology did not do what it should.

The second contact

If we have now repaired the defect in your device, we will try to contact you immediately so that you can use your device again as soon as possible.