Hardware problems – Diagnose and repair on MacBook, MacBook Pro and Macbook Air.

Here are the most common hardware problems that can appear on every day use of the MacBook notebooks.

Water damage is one of the most common problems and of-course, one of the most difficult to repair!

You have acsidently dropped down your device, or hited it on something.

Blocked HDD, or HDD makes clicking sounds.

Damaged HDD (SSD) cable.

Wi-Fi does not work, or the connection is too weak.

Charging electronics repair – when the MacBook does not charge the battery.

Backlight electronic repair – when you are able to see that there is a picture on the screen, but is too dark to use it.

The battery dranes too quickly.

Some buttons on the keyboard not functioning properly.

The Track Pad on the MacBook jumps all the time, or become unresponsive.

The sound from the MacBook Pro or Macbook Air is not wright, or does not comm any sound at all.