MacBook Reparatur Service Berlin

Software Issues

The RepMac team supports you in all software-related areas. We install software you need to work smoothly with your MacBook and uninstall software that damages the system. We perform software updates properly and help you when your MacBook doesn’t work properly after an update.

Even software that has crashed your Mac’s operating system can almost always be removed by our macOS X software support. This even applies if you are unable to manage the software yourself or if the system no longer starts up properly.

We take care of problems with your operating system
The always promoted operating system upgrades are not always the best choice. While they almost always provide a better and faster experience with the latest security standards, according to the manufacturer, they can also cause the MacBook to malfunction. The generally best solution: a downgrade of the system. But especially since the possible upgrade to macOS High Sierra, which will be available for MacBook Pro & MacBook Air from 2010, MacBook & iMac from 2009 or iMac Mini from 2010, a downgrade without professional help is difficult.

However, sometimes upgrading is also useful to get access to new features and content you want to use.

The RepMac MacBook Repair Service takes care of the problems associated with your Mac’s operating system. Our team of experts handles both the upgrade and downgrade of your MacBook routinely and error-free.

Our macOS X software support at a glance
Every single RepMac employee participates in regular training courses and is always up to date. This enables us to offer you the best and most modern solutions for your problems – even for those that only arise with more up-to-date software or the latest operating systems. Our MacBook software support includes:

Fault Analysis & Diagnosis
Installing and Uninstalling Software
Proper software updates
Removing unwanted software
Reinstalling the operating system
Operating System Up- & Downgrade
Your problem is not listed? Please contact us. We are sure that we will find a suitable solution.