MacBook Reparatur Service Berlin

Hard disk Data Recovery

The RepMac team is there for you when it comes to lost data. We can recover your data if your MacBook fails or if the software causes such problems that you can no longer access your MacBook yourself. Even after emptying the wastebasket or formatting the hard disk, we can usually still help you and recover your lost data.

Is your MacBook not starting? Can’t access your hard drive anymore? Does the Mac screen only show the folder with the question mark? Please contact the RepMac team directly so that we can recover your data.

This is how data loss occurs and what you can do about it
A common problem that can lead to data loss is the missing “start volume”. This can be recognized by the famous folder with the question mark. If it appears on your MacBook screen, it means your Mac cannot find a local or network-based startup volume. This error occurs if the start volume is changed consciously or unconsciously in the system settings. However, it can also be triggered by a defective third-party program or a software update. Usually it is sufficient to start the macOS recovery and to define the hard disk as default again.

Our MacBook Repair Service will take over if you don’t know what to do
If this does not solve the problem, be careful. If this does not work or your hard disk is not displayed at all, you should have the repair carried out by a specialist who is able to recover your data. The same applies to the utility that can be used to repair a hard disk or restore the file system. Here, too, laymen can make mistakes that lead to unwanted data loss.

Hard disk repair and data recovery are things that belong in the hands of a knowledgeable expert. This is the only way to avoid consequential damage and be on the safe side.

If you notice one of the described errors, please contact us directly to avoid further damage and to recover important data. The RepMac team is also available at short notice.