It is not unusual for our team to be confronted with a problem caused by some MacBook software.

As MacBook Repair Service, RepMac also provides you support with problems caused by implementation of software or operating systems.

Has your MacBook become slower after  installing some new software?

Does your beloved MacBook behave strangely since the last Software-Update?

Does your MacBook only react sluggish, if at all?

Have you inadvertently updated your operating system and now need to downgrade without losing any data?

 We can help you if:

  •  You have a problem after a Software-Update
  •  Your operating system needs a downgrade (and more!)

We will find out which software was the cause of the problem and we will rectify it, especially if you can not manage the software  yourself.

RepMac saves your data or restores it  

One of our Mac Repair Services is data recovery i.e restoration.

We will gladly initiate data recovery, for example, when a third-party program is faulty or a download has corrupted software leading to a system crash.

Your saved data is normally not deleted with a system crash and can quickly be recalled.

Even when the initial recovery is not successful, our RepMac Team can save your indispensable data by creating an image of the particular Macintosh-HD-Partition or through other complex alternatives.

Have you inadvertently emptied your Mac trash bin or formatted the hard drive?

Our RepMac Team can also assist you under theses circumstances.

Ideally, you are no longer using the hard drive at this point.

The methods used to save the data provide a helpful loophole that  enables data recovery.

Idealerweise benutzen Sie die Festplatte ab diesem Zeitpunkt nicht weiter, denn die Art und Weise, wie Daten gespeichert werden, bietet ein kleines Schlupfloch, das bei der Wiederherstellung von Dateien hilfreich sein kann.  

Team RepMac will make sure it finds a solution that meets your satisfaction.

Please just contact us.

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