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MacBook Repair RepMac Service Berlin

Welcome to RepMac – Your competent partner in all MacBook Repair Support matters- based in Berlin

Our tech-savvy team has decades of MacBook repair experience and works tirelessly every day to find solutions to your problems. We actively support you when software problems occur or hardware acts up. As an Apple Repair Service, our goal is to upgrade your MacBook and, replace and/or repair defective hardware. We provide  up- and downgrades for your operating system and support you when your Macbook no longer boots .

RepMac MacBook Repair – is your first choice when:

  • Your hardware is defective or an upgrade is necessary
  • Your software causes problems
  • Your Operating System is corrupted
  • You want to upgrade your MacBook
  • You need a new MacBook

    We have a varied assortment of devices in stock on our premises, from the classic MacBook and MacBook Air to the MacBook Pro.


Our RepMac team is standing by to offer you in-depth consultation.

We will find a solution to your problem and a model that suits you perfectly.

Our opening times are

Monday to Friday: 10 am to 7 pm 

Our store is located at Schönhauser Allee 108 in 10439 Berlin.
Our qualified RepMac team will also be happy to answer your questions by telephone at 030 / 415 093 90 or by e-mail at



Our Know-how is to your benefit! Contact us!


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