Welcome to RepMac – your competent partner for MacBook repair in Berlin, Germany

Our technically experienced team works tirelessly every day to solve your problems and can look back on many years of experience. We’ll help you if the software is causing problems or the hardware is mucking. As a MacBook repair service, we know how to upgrade your MacBook and repair or replace defective parts. We’ll take care of upgrading and downgrading your operating system and help you when your MacBook stops booting.

RepMac is your first choice when

  • the MacBook is broken or requires an upgrade
  • you want to restore deleted data
  • the software is causing you problems
  • the operating system no longer functions intact
  • You want to upgrade your MacBook
  • a new MacBook is required
  • you want to sell / trade your old Mac

We’ll make sure your MacBook’s charging function doesn’t cause any problems, the broken display shines in new splendour, your operating system runs smoothly, the water damage is forgotten, and the battery delivers what it promises.

We’ll be happy to buy your used MacBook and provide you with a newer model that fits your needs perfectly. In our store, you’ll always find a wide selection of Apple devices. From the classic MacBook to the MacBook Air to the MacBook Pro.

The RepMac team will be happy to provide you with detailed advice.

We will find an individual solution for your problems and a model that suits you one hundred percent.

During our opening hours from

Monday to Friday: 10°° to 19°° o’clock

Saturday: 11°°° to 15°° o’clock

you can reach us directly in our shop on Schönhauser Allee 108 in 10439 Berlin.
The qualified RepMac team will also be happy to answer your questions by telephone at 030 / 415 093 90 or by e-mail at info@repmac.de

Our know-how is your profit.