Hard Disk Upgrade

Is your MacBook running very slowly? Then you may need to upgrade your hard drive, because one of the most common reasons for a slow MacBook is the hard drive. The solution to this problem is to switch to a faster SSD drive or HDD drive with more memory. We advise you in detail about the advantages of both variants, although the trend is clearly towards fast SSDs.

The benefits of a hard drive upgrade

The benefits of an SSD drive in your MacBook are obvious. An SSD hard disk has

  • latest technology
  • complete compatibility
  • high resistivity


  • works noiselessly
  • produces less heat
  • has no mechanical parts
  • is very robust

SSD hard drives function similarly to a main memory. They have no moving parts, such as a drive motor or a read head. This enables them to access requested data more quickly. Upgrading to SSD memory not only speeds up startup from the Mac OS operating system. A hard drive of this type is up to 40 times faster than conventional hard drives, enabling you to work up to 40 times faster. Moreover, this type of hard disk is very robust and only slightly shock-prone.

Of course, the memories we use are designed specifically for your MacBook.

How to upgrade your hard drive
The RepMac team sees itself as a reliable partner & service provider. We professionally disassemble and disassemble your MacBook and clean the inside of your MacBook. The connections are also checked by our experienced team, the fans cleaned and the air exhaust ducts checked.

RepMac only uses high quality products for the upgrade, which we also use in our own systems. When the new hard drive is in place, we check your MacBook on the spot to make sure it’s working properly. Once everything is in order, you’ll be back on your MacBook and inebriate yourself with the new speed you’ve gained.

MacBook repair time will vary depending on whether spare parts need to be reordered. Usually you will get your MacBook back within a few days.

Tip: Although a data backup is not absolutely necessary before a hard disk change, it should still be carried out before an intervention in the system.

If you would like more detailed information or individual advice, please contact us.